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Waterproof Products & Suntan Products

Blue Wave Distribution offers a variety of products that are perfect for water adventures in the summer season. We offer a full range of products that will make your experience in water more safe, exciting, and enthralling.

Our product line includes suntan lotions, rash guards, and gator bags.

The Specialty of Our Bags

Blue Wave Distribution
  • Tested by NASA Development
Blue Wave Distribution
  • 100% guaranteed waterproof
  • Lifetime warranty for bags and bag contents
Blue Wave Distribution
  • Highest quality products
Blue Wave Distribution

Gator Bags

Our gator bags are the world’s best patented waterproof dry bags. They are perfect for your electronic devices with touch screens.

Blue Wave Distribution
Blue Wave Distribution

Waterproof Tested To 900 FT / 300 Meters

Blue Wave Distribution

Phones and electronics are fully functional through dry bag, allowing voice and audio

Blue Wave Distribution

Turn your existing camera or phone into an underwater camera. High-quality bag material doesn't interfere with clear shots

Blue Wave Distribution

Lifetime Warranty Including Contents

Gator Bags are warranted for life against any defects under normal use. Improper use such as overfilling, placing sharp objects inside, and neglect are not covered. Bag is not meant for use above 140 deg Fahrenheit ( 60 Centigrade). The magnets will not interfere with consumer electronics (cell phones, tablets, music players, cameras) Do not place the magnets in close proximity to traditional compass, Pacemaker, or other sensitive medical devices.

Avoid sand, dirt, and any foreign objects. After use rinse with fresh water. Cleaning with chemicals will degrade plastics. Maximum warranty is $225 with documentation proof of purchase and loss. Original bag needs to be returned to factory for testing and bag needs to fail testing. Warranties are subject to change.

Blue Wave Distribution

Get a 100% fool proof and fumble free automatic waterproof seal every time

Blue Wave Distribution

Gator Dry Bags magnets are safe for all your electronics

Check Out Our Gator Bags Below

All our Gator Bags come included with a FREE Lanyard.

Gator bags come in Colors: Blue,Black or Transparent Yellow


The Minnow is the smallest of the Gator line. Minnow will fit in your pocket and will work for smallest phones and car remotes.
Colors: Blue, Black and Yellow
The Minnow measures 6.0 inches x 3.5 inches
MSRP $ 24.95


The Porpoise is our mid size bag and one of the more popular sizes.
Its perfect for iPhone 9+ (w/out case) or many of the Samsung or similar sizes phones.
Colors: Blue, Black and Yellow
The Porpoise measures 6.75 inches x 4.4 inches
MSRP $ 29.95


The Shark is perfect for larger phones such as iPhone X+ and
other large models.
Colors: Blue, Black and Yellow
The Shark measures 7.5 inches x 5.75 inches
MSRP $ 34.95


The Orca is the largest Gator bag in the group that's perfect for your large electronic tablets, camera, documents and personal items.
Color: Black, Blue or Yellow
The Orca measures 11.7 inches x 8.9 inches
MSRP $ 44.95

Suntan and Skincare Products

Check out a couple of our other products we offer

Blue Wave Distribution

Aloe Gator Product Line

Product line consisting of Sunscreen Lotion, Spray, Lip Balm, and a Zinc Oxide Face Cream

  • Waterproof
  • Alcohol-Free
  • Moisturizing Aloe Vera Formulas
  • Safe On Skin

Rash Guard Shirts

We offer various sizes, colors, and styles for rash guards. We also do customized logos. Please click below for more information.